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I don't understand people this days...

I had no less than FIVE notes about what my prices were, how they would commission me for sure and then when I answer... nothing happens ! Not even a polite "next time" or something. No damn answer ! That's rude ! Five times, fuck, fuckity, fuck ! I don't think my prices are THAT frightenning... Or is my talent lacking these days ? Are people repelled by my signature or somehting ?!! Did they all disappeared ? I dunno... I think there's no point in trying to understand.

The worst is this guy, who offered me a big "contract". He said I would work for his project, I was quite thrilled really ! And then... he didn't answered. I sent two polite notes. Nothing. Then I checked his profile, and the thing is, deviantart allows you to see when someone login for the last time, and what he does. He was just ignoring me, plain and simple. AND, he even created a new post on the forum offering other the job he said he would give me... Talk about rudeness. I didn't sent another note. There was no point. But I was very very offended.

I'm not one to be obsessed about commissions and all, but damn, it's frustrating. And those five notes went one after another, nothing interesting in between. The good point is that, they didn't ask me to draw something an then never pay me. It only happened once for me. Well, it happens I tell myself. I'm lucky otherwise, to have nice and polite commissionners.

So, if you ever send me a note and be disappointed by the answer, PLEASE tell me you changed your mind or something ! Don't leave it at that, it's pretty rude in my opinion !! It's easy to send a note back.

Thank you for reading :) Enjoy my gallery !
Squeakable Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013
>:( That's awful!
It's very rude to string people along and leave them hanging.
I understand that prices may be out of people's ranges and whatnot, but they have to send a reply.
It's common curtesy :(
Eleyan Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! I don't know you that well but this post made me furius. What a load of fucksticks.If you want you can link me the thead of the person who offered you the job and then ignored you and i will at least warn the other members of his attitute.
Take care and don';t worry about these things too much...Remember the amount of kids there is in DA many of them just go around asking for comissions from all over the place, even place bids on adoptables and never actually pay the money. Screw'em!
Katchoute Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for your support :)
I don't want to make a fuss, and risk being the target of these people's friend (given that they have any, of course). I've seen too much backfire on DA.
But anyway, it was kind of you to offer !
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Submitted on
August 22, 2012